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At Araua RegTech we have wide experience in the implementation of Compliance Systems according to ISO 19600 Compliance Systems.

We cover all the phases of the implementation of a Compliance System, from the initial diagnosis to the verification of compliance level, once the defined policies and procedures have been implemented.

In addition, based on our extensive expertise in Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CFT), we can help you not only to define your Customer Admission Policy in accordance with the legislation, but also to determine the Due Diligence measures to be applied or the policies to be followed for the risk categorization of your customers and suppliers.

At Araua RegTech we are keen to share our knowledge. Therefore, our training courses are specifically designed for meeting your organization’s needs.

We are also well aware that regulatory requirements affect large companies as well as medium-sized ones. Consequently, we have special plans for SMEs.

Compliance System Implentation Phases
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Compliance Services

Antimoney Laundering

We advise you on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. We help you comply with current regulations with our RegTech Solutions.


We analyze your degree of compliance, in terms of public and Institutional Transparency. Whether you are a public or private organization, we help you define your Transparency Plan and measure its degree of progress and compliance.

Corporate Ethics

We help you protect your business, prevent, control, raise awareness and implement management models based on the highest standards of good practices, ethical culture and regulatory compliance. We advise and accompany you in WhistleBlowing implementation

Out Goal: To Position you at the forefront of Compliance

Why we


We have extensive experience in the world of Regulation, both nationally and internationally.


High capacities in disruptive technologies that allows us to devise different, more efficient and effective solutions in Compliance.


We know that Compliance is not a matter of size and nor is one sector identical to another. Therefore, we adapt to your business and budget.


Regulatory requirements, increasingly demanding and changing, force us
to be agile to make
our customers comply.

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