Know Your Client by applying our methodology

Know Your Customer

Our Know Your Customer Solution (KYC), implements a risk-based approach in accordance with international recommendations.

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) Solution applies the most advanced methodologies. Customers and suppliers are categorized by risk according to Anti-money Laundering and Countering Terrorism Financing criteria. Besides, their behavior is studied and any possible deviations in their usual profiles are identified.

In addition, our KYC Solution enables the creation of personalized controls and notifications according to the characteristics and specific problems of the business of each organization.

Our KYC Solution covers the whole process, from the initial analysis of customers and suppliers (Onboarding) to their continuous monitoring.

Analysis: Onboarding and Continous
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KYC Methodologies
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actors Based on Personal Information
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Factors Based on Transactionality

RegTech Recipe

How we do it

Factor Combination

We combine multiple factors based on personal information of the Customer or Supplier as well as their behavior .

Advanced Algorithm

We use advanced complementary algorithms that allow to classify customers and suppliers by risk and identify possible changes in their behavior with great precision.


We offer multiple options of customization and configuration, according to the needs and the problems of your business.

KYC 360

We provide a 360 Customer and Supplier knowledge, alerting of those cases susceptible of analysis and managing all the documentation provided.

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Commercial Information to support Due Diligence

Commercial Information

As if that were not enough, at Araua RegTech, we have integrated the information from the Commercial Registry.

More than 3 million registered companies whose files can access the following information:

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