A RegTech Whistleblowing

What is a Whistleblowing System

A Whistleblowing System is an information system that allows you to report possible irregularities and/or inappropriate behavior of which you are aware.

For all this and to facilitate compliance with Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of people who report regulatory infractions and/or corruption, at Araua RegTech we have created our own WhistleBlowing Solution with a special focus in the protection of whistleblowers.

Our Whistleblowing System not only facilitates reporting, but also offers full guarantees of independence, confidentiality and security, so that people who report do so with the peace of mind of not suffering retaliation for the fulfillment of a civic duty.

A Whistleblower System is NOT the creation of a simple email address for the communication of possible irregular events.

What is a Whistleblowing for?

What facts can be reported

Below, we collect some examples of events that can be reported through a Whistleblowing System:

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Focus on whistleblowers protection

A Complaint with all the guarantees


We allow both confidential and anonymous reporting.

Audio Records

We allow the filing of complaints through audio files, distorting the voice to protect the complainant.


We offer the possibility of attaching to the complaint all the documents that may be relevant in its analysis.


As additional protection measures, we eliminate all metadata from the attached documents and encrypt all information related to the complaint.