Onboarding Digital

What is Digital Onboarding?

The digital transformation in financial and insurance is not only creating new business models emergence business. It is, also, changing our patterns of interaction. In that sense, in last years, we have witnessed how it has gone from interacting with banks and insurance companies in person to do so in a digital way. Undoubtedly, this […]

PSD2, cuando la Regulación permite Innovación

RegTech: where Regulation and Innovation converge

While there is a generalized opinion about the need for Regulation, many are against it, arguing that it brakes on innovation. However, RegTech (Regulatory Technology) is the proof. It is where Regulation and Innovation converge. It is true that the financial sector is one of the most regulated sectors. However, we must not forget what […]

Game Addiction in Minors

Facial recognition against gambling addiction in minors

A Digital Identification System, based on biometrics, specifically on facial recognition, not only helps automate and improve registering users and/or customers processes. When it is an activity non suitable for minors, it has been shown that parental controls are not entirely effective, apart from non-digital alternatives for experiencing or practicing such activity. This is the […]

Be Smart. Adopta RegTech

The RegTech Revolution

Complex regulatory changes are forcing many companies to change the way they operate. Regulation continues, therefore, driving the strategic agenda. Thus, one of the fastest growing areas is experiencing and, more quickly, the RegTech sector (Regulation & Technology). It is the RegTech Revolution. As we have already collected in previous entries, RegTech consists in the […]

RegTech, more than Regulation and Technology

According to its definition, RegTech is the convergence of two worlds that apparently seem opposite. Regulation and Technology. It is the adoption of the latest technologies to facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements. RegTech is Regulation. Therefore, RegTech is to speak of Regulatory Compliance. It is talking about Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (PBCyFT), the new […]